Domestic Non-telecom Operator Customers

China Comservice has endeavored to expand the domestic non-telecom operator market. In addition to replicating its experiences and technologies in serving domestic telecommunications operators, we proactively provide services, such as city pipelines engineering, intelligence building and cloud computing data center construction, to key customers such as government agencies and customers in the industries of construction and property, transportation, etc. Our all-round services include communications network planning and design, construction, maintenance outsourcing, system integration, communications network support and development of software and hardware, city security products, application software development, voice value-added service, e-Commerce certification and e-Payment service, as well as e-Commerce information platform service for SMEs.

Communications Network Construction Solutions

We provide our customers with integrated services covering communications network construction, civil engineering construction and other ancillary facilities construction, including design, implementation, equipment installation, equipment testing and maintenance etc..

System Integration Solutions

We provide our customers with one-stop and all-round system integration services in respects of communications network design, public security, enterprise operation management and enterprise informatization etc. These services include network consultation and planning, project design, implementation, system installation and testing, operational maintenance, application integration, technology support and training, equipment lease etc..

Internet Value-added Service Solutions

We provide our customers with all-round services covering specialist consultation and planning, networking and application project design, system integration, maintenance outsourcing and system software and hardware upgrade etc..

Voice Value-added Service Solutions

We provide call center services and other services for our customers.

E-Commerce Certification Solutions

We provide our customers with services in terms of "Digital Certification" issuance, implementation of system integration relative to "E-certification" technology and provision of security related products etc., mainly including application solutions of network security, mobile/desktop security and applications service, as well as information security solutions for banking industry, B2B e-commerce system, enterprise information system etc..

Typical Cases
  • "Smart Nanjing" Integrated Management, Operation and Service Platform Construction Project
  • Shanghai World Expo Campus Informatization Construction Project
  • IT Communications Network Construction Project for a Hong Kong Jewelry Company
  • Yuna Sheng Cloud Computing Center Project for Jiangsu Zhenjiang Government
  • Data Resource Management System Project for Southern Power Grid